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Luhlaza Award 2019

The award was established to recognize contributors in rehabilitation that operate and excel in the industry best practice standard.  Their work must have a positive, lasting impact on the rehabilitation sector and should be marketable by LaRSSA as a preferred method/task to be used

One award will be given each year based upon the success of the project during the annual LaRSSA conference.

Background of the Luhlaza Award

  • Recognition will include a plaque, a press release, and a special highlight on the LaRSSA website.
  • The award will be for a project or individual person, and where possible, team members will be recognized. Preference will be for all project team members to be LaRSSA members; however, at a minimum at least one of the project team members must be a LaRSSA member to qualify the project. Where individuals are nominated, he/she must be a LaRSSA Member .
  • The LaRSSA member must be a LaRSSA member in good standing. The project must be located within LaRSSA’s territory of South Africa. If a project is nominated with no LaRSSA members involved, opportunity will be given to team members of the project to join LaRSSA. This will ensure acceptance of the submission of the project or person.
  • The project must be related to Rehabilitation, Environmental engineering or Environmental consulting, consistent with the OBJECTIVES OF THE SOCIETY and the LaRSSA MISSION, which includes beneficial use of rehabilitation material. Second place in each category will be awarded a certificate of recognition as second place for runner up.